Spring has Sprung in Forest Estates
Posted on Apr 21st, 2015

Many of you have already begun your spring cleaning in your yards and flowerbeds, and they look beautiful. Thank you!  What a challenge it has been with this winter's rainfall amounts and resultant fallen debris, not to mention the constant battling with the moss that is so notorious here in the Pacific Northwest. 
As we all strive together to keep our neighborhood beautiful, please help by paying special attention to these specific items around your house and yard: 
  • Remove debris from around storm drains (e.g. pick up needles, debris, remove grass, weeds, and moss) 
  • Remove grass/weeds from curbs and sidewalks.  You can remove them by hand, or any number of store-bought products are available for this purpose. Remember that the curbs in front of your house are your responsibility. 
  • Keep trees trimmed to at least 7ft above sidewalks and streets 
  • Remove moss and debris from driveways and roofs. (Use a good moss-killer, such as Rid Moss or Moss Out.  Also, if you need a ladder to get on your roof, there are any number of neighbors who would be happy to loan you one. Just let me know)
  • Keep lawn well maintained (i.e. Remove moss and weeds; keep lawn mowed and trimmed) 
  • Repair fences, gutters, roofs, garages, etc. Please remember that plans to build or replace a fence, roof, or exterior paint must be submitted and approved by our Architectural Control Committee before work begins.  Approval forms and instructions are available on our website at
  • Touch-up exterior paint.  (If your paint is chipping, or wearing thin, please consider either touching it up, or even a new paint job for your house.  Also, simply removing the grayish mildew will do wonders to revive the look of your paint job. This can easily be done with a number of store-bought products intended for this purpose, or even a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water, applied with a scrub brush and then hosed off.)
  • Remove unsightly ‘stuff’ from front yards, porches and driveways.
  • Some of our neighbors, due to age, health, or other concerns, are unable to keep up with the work required to maintain their house and yard. Let's all be conscious of the needs of our neighbors, and offer to lend a hand as may be needed. 
  • As we take walks around the neighborhood, why not bring a small plastic bag with us, and pick up trash that we find along the way?  Many of you already do; Thank you!  Additionally, it should go without saying, please pick up after your pet and dispose of properly. 
Thank you all for your continued efforts to keep Forest Estates a desirable place to live! 
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