Parking Etiquette
Posted on Aug 25th, 2015

  • While parking legally registered vehicles (under 6000 lbs) on the street is allowed (by both CC&Rs and King County statute), let's be conscious of how our parked vehicle(s) may impact the liveability, view, and/or lifestyle of our neighbors. If you don't know, ask them.  Or if you know it will impact them negatively, how about seeking some other offsite parking arrangement. 
  • Parking in your driveway in such a way as it obstructs the sidewalk is not only unneighborly (forcing pedestrians to walk into the street), but also illegal (RCW 46.61.570).  Know that if your vehicle(s) obstruct a sidewalk, you will be ticketed by law enforcement. 
  • Only legally registered vehicles may be parked on the street.  Any illegally parked vehicle (e.g. expired license plates, no license plate, parked on a sidewalk, to name a few) will be ticketed by law enforcement and/or towed away.  
  • Any vehicle (cars, vans, trailers, etc.) must be parked on pavement or gravel only, and not in your yard or on the lawn. If you are considering extending or widening your driveway to accommodate additional vehicles, please be sure and submit an architectural approval form to the Forest Estates Architectural Committee first for review/approval. (the form is available on this site under the Architectural Standards link) 
Forest Estates is a great place to live!  If all of us continue doing our part, we'll ensure it stays that way for many years to come. 
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