It's that time of year again!
Posted on Aug 29th, 2017

With the school starting this week, there are a few things we'd like us all to remember: 
Parents who drive their children to Carriage Crest Elementary should be aware that afternoon traffic and parking at the west entrance along 184th has been a chronic safety and community relations problem for years.  While a Cross-Walk Guard has controlled traffic for the 135th Place crossing, that guard cannot protect children who emerge between parked cars to cross the street away from that intersection.  When 184th Street is opened to the east, this situation is going to get worse because of the increase in through traffic volume. For that reason, the county has posted 'No parking or standing during school hours" signs, like the one attached, within a hundred feet of that intersection, including the adjacent traffic circle.  
A little consideration goes a long way towards making this difficult situation manageable: 
1) Park your car before the children appear
2) Respect the signs and park away from the intersection and traffic circle
3) Do not block driveways
4) Please do not park along the planter turnarounds as it blocks other cars from safely using the turnaround
5) Do not drive thru the intersection when children are amassed in the area. (if you can't wait, park so that you are facing away from the intersection and can leave without passing through it) 
Please discuss this with your children and make them aware of the hazards of crossing between parked cars, as well as the need to respect private property along their route. Little things like running through yards and tossing trash do not help to promote good community relations. 
Also, the flow of pedestrian traffic throughout the neighborhood (both children and parents) increases substantially both before and after school, and speeding vehicle traffic on 134th Ave and 185th/132nd (toward Boulevard Lane) has been a safety issue each year. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!....especially during these hours. It would be incredibly tragic if it takes the life of one of our homeowner's children for us to pay attention. 
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