Bear Sighting in Forest Estates
Posted on Jun 1st, 2020

There was a bear sighting yesterday, Sunday, in Forest Estates in the green belt that runs behind 132nd Pl. between Forest Estates and Boulevard Lane. In this instance, the bear took down some bird feeders and left the area. Please take the necessary precautions to avoid a confrontation, such as the following: 
1. Do not keep food (for pets or other) outside. 
2. Do not keep garbage cans outside your house, or in your driveway.  
3. Keep BBQ grills clean
4. Bird and hummingbird feeders have proven to be great attractions for bear. 
5. Do not leave pets or small children outside unattended. 
There was also recently a bear sighting along the Soos Creek Trail. Please make sure you never approach a bear when out walking on the trail and make sure to report the bear sighting to the proper authorities.
Additional information is available on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website at
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